Safello is a Stockholm-based crypto currency exchange provider offering a safe and simple bitcoin trading option. KassaiLaw has provided legal advice regarding various Fintech-related matters, such as anti-money laundering (AML) obligations and regulatory compliance, as well as contributing legal assistance with investment rounds.

Togee is a Stockholm-based startup about to launch a revolutionary app in the social media segment: the world’s first mobile app for interactive screen sharing. KassaiLaw started working with Togee while they were preparing for their Series A investment, and covered, among other things,  industrial benchmark study, pre-venture capital (VC) due diligence, IP consultation, negotiation strategies and pitch training.

Brace yourselves – the future is coming!

Parkl is a Budapest-based, integrated platform based ‘proptech’ and smart city solution that provides parking, parking management and e-mobility services. The founders had their first coffee with KassaiLaw when they had only just formulated the idea, and we have been working together ever  since. By now, Parkl is the market leader in Hungary. KassaiLaw advises them in all legal matters, including corporate finance, investment, corporate structure, regulatory compliance, data protection, developer and partnership agreements, licensing, software as a service (SaaS) or Internet protocol (IP) strategy making and EU trademark registering, to name just a few.

SmartCoding provides developer courses in Stockholm and empowers women to be part of tech, thus  promoting equality in IT. KassaiLaw has provided contractual legal advice to SmartCoding.

ViddL is a platform based carrier service in Budapest with whom KassaiLaw has been working closely since the idea phase, and the firm’s establishment, in areas such as: regulatory requirements, corporate and contractual structures, investment rounds, pitch training and all the matters which occur in the course of their day-to-day operations, like data protection, IP or developer agreements.

HeatVentors’ mission is to find efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the problems that have arisen in thermal energy storage. KassaiLaw has provided valuable legal assistance to the company, in particular regarding their term sheet, investment agreements, founding journey and intellectual property.

Pliance, a Stockholm-based company founded by tech entrepreneurs and engineers, is dedicated to bringing modern technology to anti-money laundering processes. They offer application process interface (API) solutions for modern fintech companies, automating their monitoring and screening to ensure compliance. KassaiLaw is cooperating with Pliance by providing content for their blog and spreading knowledge on AML regulations and related subjects.

Compocity is a sustainability related ecosystem and tool for urban people, including an indoor composter robot with special microorganisms to shape and support the ecological cycle within cities. KassaiLaw has provided valuable legal assistance to the company, in particular regarding their general terms and conditions and privacy policy for the application, including IP consultancy.

Fridai is an A.I.-powered voice assistant made in Germany for gamers, with never-lagging love. Fridai works with a variety of software and games and it helps all gamers stay in the flow and focus by handling the distracting tasks of streaming management, media capture, and so on – totally hands free. KassaiLaw has assisted Fridai during their funding rounds with term sheet preparation and contract reviews.


Defensive development [defdev] training courses are dedicated to helping teams and cyber security professionals build and maintain secure software. By advising a firm that deals with cybersecurity, KassaiLaw has gained significant experience in ethical hacking, software engineering and further cybersecurity related matters.

FlashKart is the first electric go-kart operator in Budapest. KassaiLaw was the legal advisor for the whole realization of the project, starting from gathering investment to establishing the whole corporate and contractual structure.

KassaiLaw has been working with Ollarose since the establishment of the company, and manages their daily operations as an EU recruitment agency, which covers among other things the provision of recruitment agreements, corporate structures, data protection, IP strategy making, copyright and trademarks.

Flow Concepts is a customer experience and brand growth agency from Norway with a focus on taking Scandinavian brands global. KassaiLaw has provided general contractual legal advice to Flow Concepts and we contributed presentations and podcasts as part of a joint project.

Stability Workout is a Hungarian fitness brand that envisions the creation of an environment where exercising means exciting, enjoyable challenges for a ‘Lifelong Workout’ experience. KassaiLaw has worked hand-in-hand with Stability Workout to provide valuable business assistance with a huge focus on conceptualizing a solid business plan, strategy and rebranding.


KassaiLaw has been the legal counsel of the company group of Megadrive, who is the Central and Eastern European (CEE) market leader in short and long term car rental and related services. KassaiLaw manages the day-to-day operations of Megadrive, which includes contractual, corporate, data protection and debt collection advisory activity.

Neowell is a software development company, which creates solutions for the effective management of the daily operations of companies. KassaiLaw has been a trusted advisor to Neowell, with special regard to software development, licensing, copyright, contractual frameworks, SaaS and data protection.

DPC Consulting is an IT company providing training in Hungary and worldwide, as well as consultancy and software design and development services. KassaiLaw has been able to provide DPC with full-service legal support and advice that supports its daily operation, with special regard to software development agreements, copyright and further IP issues, data protection, contractual and corporate restructuring.

Infomatix was one of the leading business intelligence service provider companies in the CEE region and was acquired by EPAM. KassaiLaw worked with Infomatix in all business intelligence solutions they have developed, along with creating the contractual background of big data or AI infrastructures, corporate restructuring matters and spin-offs.

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