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Making your ideas come true and starting a company can be pretty challenging. Whether you need some advice on validation, competitor analysis, pitching, product-market fit, or need some legal competence as to building your team, the company structure, your online presence or creating your products and services, our experienced team is more than happy to help you through the journey. We have helped a couple of hundred projects and companies in their formation and other corporate matters, fundraising, IP strategies, contracts, or identifying and handling the legal risks along with providing the regulatory compliance for them and we are always there for you too.


Improving your business when you have already handled the bumpy road of the initial phases of growth is crucial. With our goal of understanding your business first and then coming up with the best legal fits for you, we can easily adapt to your special needs. Supporting your corporate, contractual, compliance or investment concepts and views as it is best for you is our major objective. We believe that the law is not there to build obstacles but rather to guide you on the entrepreneurial journey to make your company bloom.


In the mature stage, your business faces new opportunities and challenges every day. If you need continuous legal support in a virtual in-house role or just some reinforcement in the course of a complex transaction, international market entry, new investment round, business improvement or simply rationalisation, we are keen on sharing our experiences to get that burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on the areas where your business actually needs you.

The information age we live in is disrupting everything it can, and we couldn’t be happier. First, because there is no progress without disruption. Second, as lawyers, there is nothing more challenging and mentally rewarding than finding viable solutions for our clients in areas where the law is way behind and couldn’t even closely follow the technological breakthroughs on our way towards the fourth industrial revolution. That is when our eyes start to shine. That is why we have become innovation and technology lawyers. And that is why we couldn’t be prouder of our clients.

Business mentoring

Business mentoring is a great experience and a real win-win relationship for both you, your business and us. You can ask all your questions that you have never dared or wanted to ask before. You can get new perspectives that you might have missed which is totally understandable since you have been involved with your company day and night for a while. It can open new windows, doors and a realm of new ideas. For us, it is a chance to give back to the community. We are really proud of our mentored teams making great success, either by mastering their validation, winning a prestigious pitch competition, prosperously closing an investment round or killing it at the negotiation table. You ask, we share and you grow. That is our biggest victory.

Sharing economy and sustainability

Strongly built on the network effect and trust, sharing economy allows people to exchange tangible and intangible with one another at scale. It undermined the classical structure of ownership and the traditional retail or employment structures. Knowing the big problems our economy and the planet are facing, it shows a cost-efficient alternate with new opportunities along with extra income for the providers. KassaiLaw advises many clients operating in sharing economy such as carsharing, parking spot sharing, coworking, knowledge sharing or logistics, and we know exactly the kind of challenges that are out there for the pioneers.

Fintech, cryptocurrency, blockchain

The fintech industry – bravely enough – is touching an extremely traditional area of business: the financial world. KassaiLaw has been working with fintech clients for years and has delved deep into the struggles of the laws and authorities regarding money laundering, payment service providers, blockchain technologies and data analytics, to name a few. Understanding the core of the know your customer principle and the increasing focus on the collision between private and public interest have raised interesting practical legal challenges and questions that need to be faced and answered. Having a well documented policy structure which outlines all the compliance processes is inevitable. KassaiLaw helps its clients build a solid legal foundation which still supports the business goals instead of only creating obstacles.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, drones, robotics

Artificial intelligence as computer science involves developing computer software to manage and complete tasks which would otherwise require human intelligence. The market for AI solutions is expected to reach US $47 billion by 2020 and is one of the hottest trends. Advising clients who work in these fields includes facing questions as to: who owns the intellectual property created by AI? Is privacy outdated? Who is liable if a drone causes an accident? There might not be a final globally accepted answer yet, but being part of the road which leads there by assisting our clients is equally motivating, such as working on projects that aim to make it possible for you to have a hologram meeting with your virtual law firm in the future.

Proptech and smart city solutions

Innovation cannot leave the real estate market and the way of living untouched, however it has raised major new issues and risks. Working closely with clients offering smart city solutions helped KassaiLaw gain significant expertise in the challenges of the legal framework of the proptech and smart city pilot projects. Proptech and smart city technologies have complex legal questions in energy, environmental matters, engineering or data protection.

Digital transformation and software development

Nobody can escape anymore. If you are not part of the digital transformation, your business will be out of the game very fast. Digital transformation makes the processes simpler, more cost-efficient and much faster. KassaiLaw advises companies regarding their digital transformation roadmap, informs them about all necessary requirements and prepares their legal framework and contractual background such as developer agreements and general terms and conditions or terms of use in order for them to be fully compliant and progressive.

Internet of Things and data protection

Internet of Things extends the internet connectivity to objects that have never been connected before. On the one hand, it can make life much easier and simpler by bringing new capabilities to many things used by us day by day, on the other hand it’s primarily about sensors collecting data which has many ethical, moral and practical risks. However, it also allows us to measure and quantify things in ways that were never before possible, by means of those data we can optimize many processes. In the era of GDPR, KassaiLaw is looking for legal answers to questions like: Can you really protect your personal data or is it just an illusion? Is there a way out for the user? Who is responsible if the internet goes down e.g. in medical applications? Who is the owner of the data generated and collected? Who is responsible for patching new IoT devices to be sure they are fully secured? Along with finding answers to these concerns, KassaiLaw is able to discover the client’s “weak spots” in their product or service and supports them in solving those. It is important to understand furthermore, that creating a GDPR-proof data protection documentation and privacy policy cannot be avoided anymore, but there is a basic misunderstanding amongst the companies on how it shall be done, interpreted and adopted. We are happy to set doubts at rest for our clients.

Venture Capital and investment

In any stage of the business venture, it surely needs capital. KassaiLaw has been chosen to be a trusted advisor in many transactions from angel investors to Series A, B and above, and have closed a vast amount of transactions. Whether you need a pre-VC due diligence, negotiation preparations with the help of our ten pages long investor questions list, evaluating a term sheet or reviewing an investment agreement, a syndicate agreement or a shareholders agreement, or you are preparing for convertible, KassaiLaw has significant expertise in all kind of investor deals and financing, having worked for both sides, for investors and VC and for companies seeking investment.

Social media and communication

The network effect has changed both our professional and private life and has many wonderful and also many extreme risky effects. Many of these risks stem from the social medium itself and many from the fact that the lines between our professional and private lives are disappearing. Like all tech-oriented areas we work in, social media has serious ethical and moral questions to solve, such as cyberbullying, censorship or ownership matters, not to mention the data protection implications. While advising our clients working in the field, KassaiLaw raises their attention to many practical issues and provides legal solutions thereto.


Cybersecurity has to have utmost importance in every company’s life operating in the online field. Lack of security can result in serious breaches and vulnerabilities, the consequences of which the world has just started to understand. Keeping the principle that attackers are always ahead of you in mind, KassaiLaw works closely with many cybersecurity firms, understanding the depth of their businesses and supporting them with relevant legal knowledge.

Business Intelligence and big data

Business Intelligence provides data driven solutions to facilitate better business decision making. It refers to technologies, operations and processes which aim to gather, analyse and integrate business information. KassaiLaw advised one of the leading Business Intelligence companies in the CEE region for years until the acquisition thereof by a global market actor giant and uses its expertise in the area to support companies with practically applicable legal ideas.

Branding and intellectual property

“How can I protect my idea?” might be the question we have heard most often in the course of our advisor activities. KassaiLaw has a long history of branding and intellectual property strategy making and registering for the relevant protection. Whether you need to understand the major copyright matters, register a trademark, secure your design or decide whether your solution is patentable, we are there to give you guidance on all matters which you need to bear in mind so that your brand becomes a strong and valuable one on the market.

Cloud computing: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Cloud computing has reshaped the internet. Nowadays more and more businesses move to the cloud since it is cost efficient, flexible, mobile and facilitates collaboration to name a few advantages. KassaiLaw has extensive experience in advising cloud-based service providers from the start. Building up the legal structure of these services falls into our daily practice so we can provide transparent, efficient and usable solutions for all business needs.

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