Is becoming a unicorn really all what it takes? The entrepreneurial zoo of Europe and beyond

Is becoming a unicorn really all what it takes? The entrepreneurial zoo of Europe and beyond Ever since the word ‘unicorn’ was first coined by Aileen Lee in 2013, the main goal of privately held startups has been to become this mythical animal. The term was chosen to represent the statistical rarity of such success …

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Vállalkozás egy bizalom alapú társadalomban – cégalapítás Svédországban

A külföldi cégalapítást segítő cikksorozatunk második részeként egy olyan országot hoztunk nektek, ami a mi szívünkhöz is kifejezetten közel áll: Svédország. A Szilícium-völgy után a svéd főváros áll a második helyen az egy főre vetített unikornis cégek számát tekintve. A neves cégek mellett számos találmány otthona – mint a dinamit vagy a pészméker, valamint a Nobel-díj és …

Vállalkozás egy bizalom alapú társadalomban – cégalapítás Svédországban Read More »

Starting a business in Estonia, made easy

We receive a lot of enquiries about opportunities to set up companies in various countries around the world, so we decided to present some of the possibilities. Since Estonia is a particularly popular destination, we will first briefly summarise and share with you the most important things you need to know about Estonia.

Cégalapítás Észtországban, egyszerűen

Sok megkeresés érkezik hozzánk különböző külföldi országokban történő cégalapítási lehetőségekkel kapcsolatban, ezért úgy döntöttünk, hogy mivel különösen nagy népszerűségnek örvend Észtország, így elsőként a legfontosabb észt tudnivalókat foglaljuk össze röviden és osztjuk meg veletek.

5+1 memorable partner successes

What really measures success is debatable. We have taken a look at the businesses around us and selected 5 + 1 outstanding awards that these companies have received recently.
Read our article and remember, time to time it is worth pausing for a moment to appreciate what you have achieved.

5 of our favourite green companies

A company that doesn’t pay attention to sustainability doesn’t have a future nowadays, it is a fact. Luckily, there are companies which are not just taking care of sustainability, but also building our future while serving this very important cause. Let us introduce 5 of our favourite young tech companies, who see it as their mission to make our planet a better place.

Exciting developments
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“Is your team the dream team? How much percentage should each founder get?” One of the core ingredients to success is the right team with complementing skills and personalities: early stage investors (and business partners too, by the way) will invest in the team, not the idea. Our goal is to guide you in building a strong and well-functioning team, as well as help you uncover potential friction points or weaknesses in the team, so that you can address them in the very beginning. When it comes to the fair split with your co-founders, if you need a reference point, or just want reassurance, we have developed our own tool for equity split calculation. Hint: the one answer that’s certainly wrong is a hasty 50-50 split.

You have spotted a problem and found a viable solution – in other words, you have your idea. What’s the next step? You need to make sure that the problem your business is trying to solve is a valid problem for a wide enough group, and that

Are you sure that the problem your business is trying to solve is a valid problem for a wide enough group? 

When you spot a problem and think you have found a viable solution to create a business around, it’s all too easy to get excited and jump straight into ideating a solution.

Avoid making something and then hoping people buy it when you could research what people need and then make that.

It doesn’t make any sense to make a key and then run around looking for a lock to open.

There are many ingredients in the recipe for creating a successful startup, but most certainly whatever you read and wherever you go, one of the first pieces of advice is going to be to do your homework properly regarding the validation. You have to validate both your problem and your solution to be able to define the perfect problem-solution and later on the product-market fit. If you manipulate your future customers into liking your solution or do not reveal all the aspects and layers of a problem you identified, your idea can easily lose its ground and with that the probability of it surviving and actually being turned into a prosperous business. Let us know if we can help at this initial but yet super-important stage.

Validation is the first step in moving towards learning more about the problem you are ultimately looking to solve.

Finding your unique value proposition is only possible if you take a thorough glance at your competitors. The world of tech is highly competitive, particularly so when you operate in a field with low entry barriers, you need to carefully examine and regularly update the news and developments of those companies who act in the same field and market. This might lead to several pivots for you if necessary, because you can significantly increase your chances of success if you can offer a—at least in some aspect—unique solution to your customers. The introduction as “we are like Uber/Snapchat/WeWork/Spotify, only better” is hardly sufficient in most cases. Unless you really are so much better, but then you need to know that too, so up the competitive analysis.