A paradigm shift is sweeping through the legal industry, and we decided to be one of the pioneers: we said goodbye to the boring old methods and are here with a new perspective to reshape the way law firms can work together with their clients.

We are a virtual law firm, fully taking advantage of the newest technology, using cloud-based solutions and online means of communication in order to provide a high-standard flexible legal service at an accessible cost. Being a virtual law firm has allowed us to essentially break down the borders between countries and to have an extensive geographical reach with clients all over the EU.

We have been representing our clients working in tech all over the EU at their complete scope of tech businesses in English, German and Hungarian for over a decade.

We firmly believe that legal strategies organically evolve together with business strategies and a startup lawyer is an essential partner to a new business, instead of taking a simple executive role. In order for a business to be successful, the business and legal perspectives need to be working together. That is why we have created a comprehensive business development method, the key of which are “understand to be understood” and pro-activity. By clear understanding of the technologies, the law of innovation, the business field of the clients and the concerning market we are able to provide and build up the unique strategical background customized to the needs of each client and provide exceptional legal guidance perfectly fitted to the aimed business goals and solutions, where the law is not against you, it is rather for you.

We also believe that the very formal, official and hierarchical work methods of the traditional law firms need refreshing new winds in order for the legal market to be able adjust to the needs of the clients of the 21.st century. Therefore we have established a more informal, casual and flexible working style where your lawyer is a welcomed member of your team, not a distanced external legal supervisor.

Our approach resulted in a progressive, disruptive, broad-minded and motivating client base thanks to whom we love to open our email boxes even on Mondays.

Our goal is to challenge the legal industry and reinvent the law firm experience for businesses of all sizes.

Startup law does not have to be a confusing maze anymore – work with us and be a part of the new law experience!

Why hire Kassailaw?


Many firms pass on cases to their junior associates and paralegals, but at Kassailaw, Karola Kassai personally handles every client and every case. Associates and other colleagues take part in the process, but nothing goes unnoticed by Karola, to assure your case is handled in the most professional way possible. This approach results in a more personal client-attorney relationship ensuring that our clients’ legal needs are met and exceeded by offering high-quality legal work and customized client service.


We have more than a decade of experience working with startups as well as businesses of all sizes. We were among the first ones in the startup field in the CEE region – yes, we have been doing this since before it was cool.
Our colleagues have broad experience across the range of legal issues that companies can expect to confront in the course of their business operations as well as with ones that are less expected, arising in the newest, disruptive and less regulated business areas. We are prepared for anything, anytime!


We know what it takes to break new ground and succeed. We created our firm from scratch and built a broad international clientele over the years. We have helped take similar steps on for many businesses before you and are prepared to continue the success with yours.
When running a business, legal and business matters shall not be handled separately. At Kassailaw, our goal is to first understand your business and market and to work with you, instead of simply executing legal tasks for you.


Our integrated business and law approach also means that we need to have an understanding of the different business cultures in different regions. To know what you can expect from the business environments, how various markets react and work, how to talk to your partners or how to target your message in the most efficient form are all crucial elements of success when entering a new market. Our team members have altogether lived, studied and worked in more than 5 countries and have gained deep insight into each of them. Therefore, also by having clients throughout the EU, we can provide an international perspective for your company without having to hire international law firm chains. With us the world is as borderless as you want it to be, in a more casual and informal way but always according to the highest professional standards.

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